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5 Things Every Cat Owner Should Know

5 Things Every Cat Owner Should Know

When making the choice between getting a puppy or a kitten for a pet, you may think that a cat is going to be easier to care for. While this might be true in some aspects, there are still certain things you need to be aware of when having a kitty. According to our San Jose veterinarian, here are five things every cat owner should know.

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1. Know What to Feed Your Cat

In order to achieve optimum health, a good diet is essential. Because of their small digestive systems, kittens don't need a lot of food in one sitting. Their food should consist of easy-to-digest proteins and DHA. Having fresh clean water available is important as well.

2. Know Which Vaccinations Your Kitten Needs

Protect your kitten from getting potentially fatal diseases by getting Fluffy vaccinated. Our veterinarian in San Jose can tell you which core vaccinations your kitten should get, and also recommend which non-core vaccinations might be necessary. Besides vaccinations, you'll also want to get your kitten spayed or neutered.

3. Know How To Avoid Household Accidents

There are many things inside your home that can be hazardous to your cat. Some examples of household items that can be poisonous include:

  • Certain plants
  • Insecticides
  • Veterinary drugs

If you suspect your cat has been poisoned, or it appears to be choking on something, don't hesitate to bring it to our animal hospital.

4. Know How To Prevent Your Pet From Getting Lost

One of the best ways to keep your cat from getting lost is to get a microchip implanted.

5. Know How to Introduce Your Cat to a New Environment

Introducing your cat to a new environment, a puppy, or new people can be tricky. It's important to ensure your cat is comfortable in your new home before introducing them to something new. Offering them safe places to hide is essential as well.

Contact Our Local Veterinarian for More Information

If you have questions about your kitten or puppy, or need to make an appointment for veterinary services, contact Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital at 408-972-2000.