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Why Are Microchips Important?

Why Are Microchips Important?

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Pets get lost. They jump out of vehicles and run out of open doors past mailmen. You have to look no further than the nearest telephone pole or bulletin board to see photos of lost pets. Local Facebook groups and human society pages are full of reports of lost -- and found -- pets. It's a reality that many pet owners have to deal with, but it's also one that can have a happy ending if your pet has a microchip installed. This is why microchips are so important.

How does it work?

Microchips are increasingly common, and your dog or cat may even already have a microchip. Older pets may not have chips installed, and some adoption facilities may not install microchips by default. However, a microchip is a simple way to ensure you're never separated from Fido or Fluffy for long.

While pets often find their way home, they may instead be picked up by someone who doesn't know where the animal belongs. If the pet winds up at a humane society or veterinarian's office such as Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital in San Jose, they can scan the microchip and call you. 

But if your pet isn't chipped, they may think your pet is a stray. Your pet could be adopted out by someone else. Even if you're in frequent contact with your local facilities and groups, you might miss notification of your pet if your cat or dog has traveled to another area. You might not think that you need a microchip, but you may not realize how far a pet can travel. Dogs -- and cats -- can roam for miles, sometimes winding up in other counties.

Microchips Can Save Your Pets Life

A microchip can speed up the process it takes to return a lost pet to you, but it's not just about being reunited with a member of your family. If your pet requires any medication or a special diet, every hour spent apart from your is one that could have disastrous effects on their health or even be fatal.

Micro-chips are important, but they're only useful if the information on them is current. Call the microchip company whenever you need to update your information. This includes when you move or get a new phone number. If someone finds your pet, brings them to a vet and tries to call you only to find that your number is no longer in service or belongs to someone else, there may be no way to reunite you with your pet. It's vital to update the information on the microchip of your new pet so that it reflects your pet's new owner.

Visit Our Local Veterinarian in San Jose, CA Today

Pet owners who are interested in having their pets micro-chipped can contact Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital about microchip services. Our facility can also help you update the information on your pet's microchip or check if your pet already has one. Contact us at 408-972-2000 to inquire about microchip services. Visit us at 5647 Snell Avenue, San Jose, CA 95123 for your appointment.